You choose how you want your student portfolios to work for you...
School Portfolio Connect™

School Portfolio Connect is not simply a self-managed online portfolio tool for students, administrators, and employers.

Once we invite your new students, current students and alumni to create their portfolios, the portfolios themselves can be served into sites used to generate leads or lift conversion for admissions, lift placement rates for career services, allow your school registrar to accept online portfolios as part of your application process - or simply be served directly into your school site to generate engaging content.
Increase Lead Generation
Lift Placement Rate
Increase Lead Generation
Create Engaging Content
Receive Portfolios for Admission
  • Serve your searchable portfolios directly into your site
CUSTOM PORTFOLIO CONNECT allows you to showcase your online student portfolios on your school site - a great way to add content, and showcase the quality of work coming out of your programs.

Allow site visitors to search your portfolios across all, or any combination of: campus location; area of study; most recently updated; those with resumes; or show only faculty portfolios.

Your tech department doesn’t need to be leaned on - we host and serve the portfolios dynamically into a single page on your school site. Visitors use this page to search on, view results and view individual portfolios.

Whats better, you leave all the work up to your students and the application. Dynamic site content has never been faster, or easier.

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